Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One month to go!

I think we finally have all the essentials ready for the baby. We should get our last packages that we ordered online this next week. We did buy the Gulliver crib in white. They didn't have the dresser I wanted in stock, so we went with the Stuva storage system and kind of made up our own dresser.

We decided to use seventh generation disposable diapers for when the baby is a newborn, then we'll try out cloth diapers, we'll probably go with the Flip cloth diapers. We are not using a stroller for now, but we are going to use a baby carrier. For that, we decided on the Ergo Performance.

Today I did my first load of baby clothes laundry, it was exciting! haha I spent a lot of time in the nursery figuring out what to put in each drawer and folding tiny little clothes. I only have newborn to 3 months sizes in there for now, I figured I would keep the rest in a plastic container until he needs to use it.

This past Saturday, I got my maternity pictures taken by this lovely photographer Lora and her husband (Created by Love Photography). She was so nice and friendly. I'm pretty shy about these kind of things and I was nervous, but she made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I can't wait to see them!

I started having my doctor's appointments every week, which really sucks because they are "below the waist" exams every time! Ugh and grrrrrr! I'm finally starting to feel like a "real" pregnant lady, it's getting harder to pick things up, I feel huge and I feel pressure in weird places :S It's still nothing to really complain about though, let's see how I feel next week...


inkyblog said...

no way, so close already??! 36 weeks is where things reaaallly slow down BUT also you start to see some interesting changes :) good times ahead, i promise :)

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