Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Good

Not everything has been bad! Ever since we got the itching under control, everything is going much better for all of us. I'm also happy to share that Andrew finally enjoys being carried in the Ergo. It makes me so happy! Zulily had a sale for the Boba, which I have never tried, but they look pretty similar. So for the price, I convinced Mike to get it. I'm sure we are going to like it.

I joined more yahoo groups and some Meetups. I'm trying so hard to meet other moms. It has been nice having something to do outside the house, trying to do "normal" things. I also bought a groupon for a month of Gymboree classes. I went to the free preview class and really liked it. I honestly couldn't afford it though. At least with the groupon, we can go for a month.

Around the house, with the help of my mother in law, I finally got around to hanging some photos in the living room. The walls had been bare since we had the renovations done. I still have another wall I need to do something with. I was thinking maybe hanging family photos from a wire? It will be cheaper than buying frames and I can switch out the photos as often as I'd like.

I helped a friend photograph things for her Etsy shop a few weeks ago. It was nice having a chance to actually use my camera other than to take baby pictures. I even got 2 pairs of her adorable baby booties. I also recently won 2 blog giveaways, one for Pear Tree Greeting and another one for UPrinting business cards, which I decided to donate to the Babywearing group.

I hope you also noticed, I finally had a chance to change my blog design a bit. I'm pretty happy with it. It had been the same for so long now.

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