Thursday, October 13, 2011


-We went to the beach, had a good time but missed Mike. Andrew loved being in the pool and slept so well afterwards.

-Andrew finally got his helmet. He adjusted pretty well to it. Went to the GI doctor. She wants to check his thyroid, the blood draw sucked though :( Now waiting for the results. Had his cardiologist appt and his heart is fine! Went to the opthamologist and he is near sighted, will follow up in 9 months. Speech and physical therapy are going good.

-I'm saving up to get some family portraits done by Love Photography and hopefully send them as Christmas cards this year. I have also been making a few fall inspired crafts, I love working with felt. Currently working on my second yarn and felt wreath. 

-Andrew is 11 months old today and has a cold, poor little guy. My birthday is next week, Mike is going to bake me a chocolate cake :) All the pictures in this post were made using the Pudding Camera app for Android. 

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